Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank you to our National Southdown Sale buyers!

From left to right:
Jan. Ewe Lamb Lot 911 - Zac & Ryan Metzger, OH
Jan. Ram Lamb Lot 907 - Drs. John & Bonnie Jones, OH
Fall Ewe Lamb Lot 908 - Jessica & Hope Barker, IN
Fall Ewe Lamb Lot 909 - Jennifer Beidl, PA
Fall Ewe Lamb Lot 910 - Haley Yunker, WI
From left to right:
Fall Ram Lamb Lot 912 - Lee & Cherry Olson, IA
Fall Ram Lamb Lot 906 - Scott Marker Family, IN
Fall Ram Lamb Lot 905 - Patrick Martan, NY

Sunday, May 5, 2013

MB Genetics Ewe Lambs for the 2013 National Sale in Ohio

Our 4 ewe lambs are all futurity nominated for the National Sale in Ohio on May11.
Please click on photos to enlarge view.


MB Genetics ram entries for National Southdown Sale 5/11/13

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