Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thickburger - another dimension in the MB breeding program!

MB Genetics 12-97580 RR/NN/EDF has been christened "Thickburger" after seeing his first lambs born this winter.

His pedigree goes back to super ewe "Edwina" three times and the maternal ewe 6 generations back is the original Howard 680 ewe that produced the sire of MB Klondike and The Edge and the ewe that heads the "80" family in our flock.  Sires in Thickburger's pedigree include: Granite, New Generation, Keystone, Predestined twice, The Edge twice, Ambush, and Jennings 05-900.

Thickburger lambs have been consigned to the National Southdown Sale in Ohio and are available private treaty here at the farm.

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